Monday, 17 November 2014

The City of Ember

About the City of Ember.
The city of ember is a book about two twelve year olds that have been assigned their jobs as pipe worker and messenger. Their names are Lina and Doon.  Doon is always exploring their city and whats in it, he works at the pipe works. Leena, on the other hand is athletic.  she runs everywhere so that suites her job as she is a messenger. But one day, Lina found a mysterious box in her wardrobe it was open. She turned around and Poppy, Her little sister was eating the pieces of paper that was in the box. Her Grandma knew about this box. Her husband was the seventh mayor of the city. his job was to look after the box. He died before he could tell anyone to look after it. the City of ember is a planned city that is running out of resources. This piece of paper in this box is instructions of how to escape the city. And the instructions are based in the pipe works...

At school We are looking at this book called the City of Ember.  I really enjoy this book because I like to Predict what happens next. This is a mysterious, exciting, adventurous book. Its the type of book that you don't want to stop reading. I would recommend it to others And I enjoy reading it in class. 

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Mum said...

Sounds like a great book. Enjoy your reading! ��